General Information


Montecatini Terme is placed in the middle of Tuscany, not far away from Florence and the Tyrrhenian sea, at the foot of an amphitheatre of green hills that lead to the Pistoian Apennine and is firmly placed in the middle of an extraordinarily important art district. This imaginary archway around the Valley of the Nievole  is fully recognizable on the maps of these lands, realized by Leonardo da Vinci around 1502.

Montecatini is a garden city; it can be traversed on foot, with relaxing stops in the gardens and in the alleys.

The park is a wide natural area (around 75.000  sm.) with a wonderful green space in the centre of the city and a perfect setting for the thermal spas, so that everything contributes to recreate a psycho-physical equilibrium that  places man in harmony with nature and himself .

The thermal spas, real architecture and art masterpieces, together with the Liberty style buildings and the works of  internationally renowned modern artists, constitute a real open-air museum.

The exclusive and excellent hotel accommodation offers lodging to meet all needs; a pleasant atmosphere, the tradition of refined hospitality, excellent cuisine, and the proximity to interesting resorts make it the perfect destination both as a pleasant place for a memorable itinerary, and for a stay of health and well-being.

The several meeting and show rooms contribute to make the city an alive, elegant and cosmopolitan centre in every period of the year.

It’s a perfect destination for a reinvigorating stay, if only to spend a day at the thermal baths, or for a holiday to devote to oneself  to enjoying your time with the family. The territory of Montecatini Terme is ancient in history and culture, as we can observe from the several archaeological finds of the Neolithic, Etruscan and Roman era in the hills surroundings the valley, with their castles and the medieval small villages on show.